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All things generous, genius, genteel and genuine, -gen is an apt tip of the hat to the Latin and Greek root to describe our brand, our vision for this generation, and the next. This fragment marks not only our respect for the past but also our sincere pledge of hope toward the future.


We are grateful for the experience and innovative perspective of the next generation in this venture.

Our endeavor to craft fine furniture has not been chosen at random.


Our insatiable effort to make good, to do good, to forge our way with good behavior is a calling that ignites our passions. We value to make good for generations is thus honored, held dear, then spread forth through these extraordinary labors of love.





|  The French have a phrase for everything 

Beyond mastery of trade, knowing your skill by heart is more than a job. It’s a calling—a deepest desire. Metier.

When our business joins this timeless honor with the epicenter of design’s current awakening—LA—we arrive in the present: Metier LA


| Stories don’t go out of style

For the select few who seek a different kind of consumption, let’s move out of the waste. This taste and tale of conscientiousness is deeply rooted in the luxury of time and personal meaning, and yet well-considered in a boutique-style, digital-first approach. A Metier piece is all yours: crafted with sincerity and story. Ready for your story. A future heirloom that endures.

Meiter - 1170  x 780 - 040.jpg

| Distinctively Human 


What makes a created-to-order piece of fine furniture an aesthetic marvel also renders it an intimate process forged stronger by our relationships than by all its extraordinary parts. Carpentry to leather tooling. Straw marquetry to parchment. A single Metier LA piece links a trove of skilled craftsmen—upwards of 300 person-hours, and 3-4 months from commission to finish. Through this distinctively human process of finely-tuned collaboration, communication and iteration, patience is the virtue.


| A Digital Embrace


We invite you to browse our core collection. From there, Metier LA’s craftsmen will tailor a piece to your most detailed specifications and finishes—or envision your own creation. Through this journey, we will communicate with you as a piece comes to life.


Every order is a special order. Every piece is one of a kind.
Your imagination is the critical link in the chain of expertise.


Because the possibilities are endless, our customer care can offer aesthetic touchpoints to help you explore and achieve your most comprehensive, realized design, and do so fluidly in a marriage of old-guard trades on our digital platform.

Image by Alexis Balinoff

| Values

Our duty is to our origin, and our design family, who has given us so much. This chain of goodness is forged by the process of relationship and decision-making.


We pledge to ask those whose trade and arts are in danger of being forgotten: Can you remember?


Such a question begins this chain: Re-casts creativity.

Reinforces bonds by adding a link to creation. Pulls in another apprentice while pulling together decorative artisans who learned in the old world and now reside in workshops across this fair city of angels. We are immensely fortunate to engage with their lost arts.

| Our Calling

For more than a century in Los Angeles, civilized trades, artisans and guilds have quietly mastered their craft, beautifully dressing Hollywood sets and costumes and making their mark in avant-garde design.


In these workshops, the moment of creation meets the romance of collectability. After three decades in this business, —we humbly dedicate ourselves to a new era and a new generation, in the decorative arts

Image by Kumpan Electric

| House Codes

Who said they don't make them like they used to? Storytelling otherwise gone unheard Artists handing down a lost history Forming from a workshop of mystery...

Luminescent hard polished woods
still in the details


Beautiful hand-dyed parchment
still in the details


Gilding of the old world and cold-rolled bronze
still in the details


Making good for the luxury of time the details

Image by Kumpan Electric
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